Family Office

Family Office

Wealthy individuals and families have unique financial and investment needs. Because of your significant assets, you are potentially vulnerable to advisors with conflicting goals. An advisor who is giving financial planning advice and selling financial products has an inherent conflict of interest, especially if the advisor’s personal compensation depends more upon the sale of a product than the value of the advice given.

A personal “Chief Financial Officer” or CFO is someone who can provide objectivity and help ensure you’re receiving expertise and guidance void of any conflicts of interest. A personal CFO is aligned with their client’s interests and isn’t motivated by commissions or incentives derived from the sale or products or services.

Most people are familiar with the functions performed by a corporate CFO. Similarly, a personal CFO provides constant management and integration of your financial affairs and wealth strategies. A personal CFO takes a very active role to help ensure that agreed-upon planning strategies are implemented in a timely and effective manner.

Often times, wealthy individuals have a number of professionals such as a tax advisor, broker, insurance agent, attorney and money manager. The personal CFO’s role is to act as the quarterback of this financial team, directing all the professionals in an objective, coordinated manner. He or she will also review and analyze recommendations from other advisors on financial strategies or investment products being proposed. The ultimate result is achieving the client’s goals and objectives, as well as potential cost savings.

Oracle Advisory Services, LLC, (“OAS”) has a breadth and depth of professionals on staff, including CPAs, CFPs, JDs, CFAs and other credentialed individuals bringing a diversity of experience. These experiences extend across multiple disciplines such as income tax planning and preparation, estate administration, business succession and cash flow planning as well as asset allocation and risk analysis. Oracle’s clients comprise of hedge fund & private equity principle owners and executives, professional athletes, real estate owners, and other successful business owners across multiple industries.

As part of our service, each client receives a monthly presentation detailing his and/or the family’s current financial position.

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