Tax Services

Oracle Advisory Services is highly skilled in planning and tax filings for a wide range of industry verticals. You can rely on us to thoroughly review your financial position, identify the most beneficial tax strategy, prepare all applicable forms and plan for future developments.

Tax Planning Services

  • Determining optimum form of organization including Limited Liability Company, Partnership, S or C Corporation
  • Advising clients of tax matters that specifically impact their operational practices
  • Evaluating the effects of tax law changes and clearly communicating them to clients
  • Researching the tax ramifications of proposed transactions and obtaining IRS rulings if necessary
  • Planning for growth and expansion efforts, such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, business ventures and real estate transactions
  • Evaluating benefit plan options to determine the best way to meet cash needs at the time of retirement
  • Reviewing or establishing the most beneficial inventory and tax accounting methods
  • Structuring personal affairs to reduce or defer taxes
  • Estate, trust and gift tax planning to reduce estate and inheritance taxes, as well as administration expenses

Tax Preparation & Compliance Services

  • Ensuring compliance with all the rules and regulations, especially for specialized clients including government, not-for-profit and publicly-held companies
  • Verifying the key figures of the returns and ensuring the adequacy of disclosure
  • Representing clients before taxing authorities at examination and appeals level

International Tax Services

  • Addressing clients' foreign tax questions/concerns
  • Selecting suitable tax strategies for minimizing foreign withholding taxes
  • Evaluating foreign regulations and their related impact on operations
  • Researching the tax ramifications of proposed transactions; obtaining rulings from foreign tax authorities if necessary
  • Planning/preparing returns for personnel on international assignments
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